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Inspired by NASA research, our groundbreaking Biophilic Classroom won a gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Wellbeing and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. It’s not rocket science. Well… actually, it is.

The Biophilic Classroom

Putney’s award-winning Biophilic Classroom project re-framed how schools innovate to improve both wellbeing and academic achievement. Our radical rethink of the classroom used NASA research to explore the effect of plants in the classroom and won a coveted Gold Medal at RHS Chelsea Flower Show where we shared our findings, giving out over 10,000 copies of our Plant Guide for Schools.

Our biophilic classrooms and learning spaces show how a few simple, affordable steps can make all the difference when it comes to wellbeing and the ability to learn.

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At Putney, students know that school is a safe and welcoming environment where they are valued, their views respected and where they can learn without limits. Their health and happiness are always paramount and excellent pastoral care is central to everything we do.

Putney’s Breathe programme is part of that holistic approach to wellbeing, helping students to develop a healthy sense of self, to be inclusive and to understand their wider impact on others and the environment. We focus on personal growth and never forget the importance of integrity, compassion and social responsibility.


Kindness, security and genuine friendships make Putney a happy and positive place to be. We are an inclusive and down to earth community which celebrates differences and from day one you’ll be encouraged to join in, “have a go” and develop a healthy and balanced outlook on life.

Our House system, clubs and many societies encourage friendship and collaboration between year groups. From Junior Playtime Pals and Opening Minds programme, to ‘Big Sisters’ in the Senior School, wellbeing dogs (and even a wellbeing podcast!), you’ll learn to take care of yourself, of others, and to enjoy all the fun and friendship that Putney has to offer.


As a London school, we actively engage with our community so whether you’re volunteering in a local hospital, litter-picking on Putney Heath or even bushwhacking on Wimbledon Common, there are lots of opportunities to make a difference. We work with many local schools and these partnerships help to develop a sense of empathy, responsibility and togetherness.

Putney students have a voice and a keen political awareness, regularly fundraising and campaigning on issues that matter to them.


We cherish our green campus, not far from the River Thames, and are always conscious of our impact on our surroundings and the wider planet. Become an Eco Ambassador and help to lead the school’s commitment to environment and sustainability.

In the Junior School, Year 6 scientists take responsibility for their own mini gardens, collaborating to grow (and eat!) an impressive range of produce. Young ‘allotmenteers’ enjoy their drop-in gardening club and learning is taken outdoors as often as possible, whether in outdoor classrooms, examining the residents of the mini beast hotel or simply time for reflection in the Wellbeing pod.

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