From solving planetary problems with game-changing apps, to building sustainable start-ups, Putney will give you the skills to channel your ideas into a reality that takes you far beyond the school gates. Innovate with robotics and AI. Reach for the stars in Physics Futures, or jet off on a travel scholarship – the only way is up.

Future Thinking

Add academic rigour to real-world skills and at Putney you’ll be prepared for whatever the future holds. Agile, entrepreneurial thinking is everywhere, from subject lessons to our winning Young Enterprise companies and “Start It” entrepreneurship programme with St Paul’s boys.

We believe in enabling you to do what you love. An award-winning careers programme, in addition to some pioneering alumnae are testament to that. Putney students have been leading the way in every field from the earliest days of computer programming (Mary Coombs) to ground-breaking robotic surgery (Aimee di Marco) and even the Forbes 30 under 30 (Anoushka Mehta).

Innovation Centre

Innovation and problem-solving go hand-in-hand whether you’re designing apps, environmentally friendly prototypes, or the buildings of the future. Putney’s new Innovation Centre is a hub for you to explore the applications of AI and robotics and a bespoke Design Thinking curriculum will prepare you with the hybrid skills for the workplace.

Make connections between engineering, architecture and product design alongside computer science, physics and maths. Whatever field you choose to pursue, the resourcefulness, creativity and teamwork you learn at Putney is a great place to start.

Outward Looking

Inclusive and outward looking, Putney’s perspective on life is as broad as we can make it. With more than 40 languages spoken in our Senior School alone, we are not only inclusive, but have a truly global outlook.

We know that languages are key to understanding the culture and history of other societies, so we have large numbers of native speakers and a comprehensive bilingual programme as part of the languages curriculum.

And we’re intrepid too – not only in the cultures we explore and the myriad of trips we embark on, but in the Travel Scholarships that send our students off to exciting corners of the world, from tracking the activities of dolphins in Hawaii to teaching English in Beijing.


Sustainability and the environment are commitments that we all live and breathe. Putney’s BREATHE programme lives up to its name showing us how even small steps can make all the difference, and how we all have a part to play.

Putney Purple has been found explaining Biophilic classroom design at the Chelsea Flower Show, and as far afield as Lagos, Nigeria – working on solar power solutions.

Whether your ambitions lie in solving climate crisis or developing sustainable solutions to other planetary problems, our students leave us as the idea-makers of the future, with the industry-ready skills to make those ideas a reality.

Junior School

The Junior School, Ignite: Future Thinking career-learning programme is all about opening doors and showing children the vast range of possibilities open to them.

With an A-Z Careers Fair to ignite their curiosity and talks from parents that begin introducing the world of work, even early years children enjoy taking their first steps to thinking about what the future could hold.

Putney puts children in the driving seat of their learning where they can develop the attributes, skills, and behaviours that will be their foundation for the transition to senior school and to future life.

Made in Putney